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World of Ultraviolet Grasslands helps you play in Luka Rejec's Ultraviolet Grasslands with a lightweight ruleset inspired by John Harper's World of Dungeons. You will need UVG to make best use of this (otherwise incomplete) game.

Explore the vast, strange steppes of the Rainbowlanders without worrying about classes, attributes, or even hit points. Focus on the weird and wonderful above all else!


WoUVG 2020-10-30.pdf 648 kB


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World Of Ultraviolet Grasslands is a conversion kit for running Ultraviolet Grasslands on the engine of World Of Dungeons.

It's five pages, with good, readable layout and a scattering of illustrations, although you will want to have copies of both World Of Dungeons and UVG to use it.

That said, World Of UG is very well written and easy to use. Its conversions are clearly explained and feel comprehensive, and the book is very friendly to being hacked and adjusted to fit an individual group's taste.

Overall, If you like World Of Dungeons' system and want to run a game of Ultraviolet Grasslands with it, this feels like an excellent place to start.