The supplement is released! I’ve added so much in this version; see the Changelog below. With the full release, the supplement is no longer PWYW. When we reach the funding goal, I’ll hire a layout artist to make it look a bit nicer. Other content additions might come as well.


  • Lots more whitespace and other layout changes
  • Added and tweaked art
  • Origin questions for Esoteric Scholar background
  • Health Serum restores d6 HP
  • Oil no longer has a usage die
  • Strength Enhancer gives d6 STR
  • Tweaks to wording on Arcana (and reduced by one to fit a d20 list)
  • More details on settlements plus example settlement problems
  • More details on random events in the region
  • Numenera conversion appendix


TWCB Rules.pdf 6 MB
Jan 24, 2022

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