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A game about investigation of occult and otherworldly phenomena. Based on “Cthulhu Dark” by Graham Walmsley and “Blades in the Dark” by John Harper.

Thanks to the FKR Collective for helping shape my ideas on this game!

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A great and fast game. The "Scenarios" guidelines are well designed, easy to understand and they work. I ran a one-shot with it and had a blast.


I used this to run "Devil's Canyon" (from Shadows of Yog-Sothoth) as a oneshot. Really liked it. It's almost as minimalist as Cthulhu Dark, but feels more traditional. Not all investigators are necessarily doomed.

Not quite sure how I feel about equipment, which is too limited to actually be all of an investigator's equipment. If it's just some stuff someone with this profession would have, why list it at all?

Nice one! Love the addition of labels.

However, I’m confused about Insight. You say

If your Insight is already at 6 and would increase, the Keeper will work with you to define a condition (possibly reflecting otherworldly influence), similar to conditions you may take from partial successes or failures.

Does this imply that it then goes back to 0? Or does it stay at 6 and you keep adding more conditions every time it would increase? Cheers!

It should stay at 6 and you keep adding conditions. Hopefully you deal with the horrible thing quickly!